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Equine Fencing


Public Buildings
& Rec Areas

You have been putting up new fence here for the last 20 years. What a pleasure to do business with someone who is always on time and stands behind his work and is definitely a craftsman.

Lee Lyons, President, Lee's Riding Stable, Inc.

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Stockade Fence Slipboard Fencing
Board Fence
Composite Fencing
Polymer Fencing
PVC Fencing
Steel Pipe Rail Fence
Split Rail Fence
High Tensile Wire
Chain Link
Electric Fence
Wrought Iron
Pool Fencing

Also offering:
Wood & Tube Gates

A good horse fence must meet a lot of practical concerns. It should be strong and durable, to deliver many years of dependable service. Its materials and design should be horse-friendly, with nothing that could endanger or harm the horses it protects. And installing and maintaining it should be easy. In addition, a good horse fence should be a thing of beauty.

We offer a large and attractive variety of fence styles and materials. Many of our customers choose from our own Classic Slipboard Fence, available in various heights and configurations. This “Horse-Safe and Installer-Friendly Fence” is our proprietary design—there is no better or safer equine fence. And none as easy to install and maintain. Horse-owners can also choose from fences made by several leading manufacturers. And to finish off any fence, we also offer many styles of gates.


Wood FencingEver drive down a road and admire a beautiful fenced lawn or field? You may not realize it—probably because it doesn’t draw attention to itself—but the fence is an integral part of that beauty. Integral because it so perfectly encloses the land, without detracting or subtracting from the view. Some thought has gone into that fence. The right materials have gone into its construction. And the installation and placement have been flawless.


Public Buildings and Recreation Areas

Whether it’s a playing field, a pool, a school yard, or any building perimeter that must be defined and secured, we offer many options in materials, looks and cost.